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The Essentiality of Poetry

The Essentiality of Poetry


Why Poetry? Why should lungs have pure air?

Poetry allows the soul to breathe.  It effects the in and out of rhythmic revelation, the rise and soar of melodious passion, the cut and bleed in falling from the loft of pedestals; it’s a comforting balm of steady beat that gives meter to the truth and fallacy of the heart, and the virtuous hope in heroic ideas that connect and move our spirit.  Engaging imagination, it conjugates the relationship between vicarious experience and one’s being.

Poetry elevates language and expression to the heights of rapturous music and breathtaking dawns.  Poetry’s delivery of thought gives us eyes to see and unveils our vision in a way that simply isn’t found in literature, textbook or any other mode of education.  It vitalizes and validates all other knowledge through its use of emotion and wonder while it aides in threshing out ideas and truth.  Save Sacred Scripture, nothing can measure character and sift the soul with quite the same gravity as Poetry.

This is the fine art, the essentiality of poetry.


||Mo Watson 2018||

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