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Suffering Love

Suffering Love

Suffering Love


If we have eyes to see, tragedy has a way of stripping away all facades. 

Truth is no longer shrouded by our own devices, our walls.

And there, in its place, alone, is Love.  Let His will be done we say.

Love is sacrifice.  Love is unifying.  Love heals and it fills holes. 

We were Loved into creation, and it is how we were created to be.

And, in time, Love calls us Home.

This call is never easy, but it comes for all.  It means suffering, and that hurts.

But, if we have eyes to see, suffering refines, and it Hopes.  It is the signature of Love and Mercy made manifest.  And, if we unite our sufferings with His, and shed the self, we become that perfect Love. 

Therefore, when we look into his eyes and see the good of the person we know, even though his body falters and so did some of his actions;

This is Love.

When we think back to poor choices and it still stings, yet mercy and forgiveness are stronger;

This is Love.

When differences and hardness of heart are made soft and just don’t seem to matter; 

This is Love.

When our memory serves to remind us of a beautiful son and brother, a loving father, a committed husband and faithful friend – the ways in which he loved us;

This is Love.

When you want to hold onto someone, yet you selflessly let them go into the arms of He who is Love;

This is Suffering Love.

Suffering Love Forgiveness

By being united to the source from which it flows, let us be encouraged and motivated by the Grace that is Love. 

He, and Love, is something you never have to let go of.

Suffering Love for Us

May the Grace and Peace of His Spirit be strong within you, and in us all.


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